4Play Creative

Company and Brand created by Jen Blaikie

All work? Know play.
At 4PLAY CREATIVE, we believe novelty items and games can make life a whole lot more fun, so we have developed an inventory of slightly naughty novelty products serving niche markets of novelty and sex shops.

History (Herstory)

It all began while at the mall when Jen saw her first candy bra and matching g-string derived from that pastel candy necklace many of us had as kids. You know what happened next? The corners of her mouth started to turn up and teeth began to show and then… laughs. There she was, all by herself, standing in the aisle of a novelty gift store, laughing away. It was one of many ‘aha’ moments… though they typically sound like this ha ha ahah”aha”ha hahahah…! At that very moment she knew one day she would create a business making slightly naughty novelty products and spend part of her career bringing fun and humour to people’s lives.

That ‘one day’ happened when 4PLAY CREATIVE decided to develop an inventory of products such as:

· She-A-Pet
· BBQ-uties
· GingerBed
· The Hooker
· Twisted
· NudeTees
· Battlesip & Strip
· Nutcrack-Her
· Disco Balls

These products can be viewed by going to the website: www.4playcreative

Now, if you think starting and running a business is hard, try it while being a Mom! Well, this Mompreneur is certainly up for the challenge. Jen’s eyes were wide open for that special company or people to join forces with (although she admits, she would miss how working solo allows for that great title and her favourite position which she believes is every woman’s favorite position, it’s called CEO! (Pronounced She-E-O!)

In February 2011, Jen attended the Victoria Dragons’ Den auditions and had five minutes to pitch 4PLAY CREATIVE’s product line. She impressed the judges enough that she made it through the first cut for the show’s sixth season and immediately began working with CBC’s Producers.

In May 2011, 4PLAY CREATIVE was flown to Toronto to tape an episode of Dragons’ Den which has a following of 2 million+ viewers. The hit CBC television show features aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of five Canadian multi-millionaires (collectively known as The Dragons) who have the money and expertise to turn ideas into fortunes.

Jen knew that deal or no deal, the exposure of 4PLAY CREATIVE’s product line being on Dragons’ Den would put her company on the map which is exactly what happened when her segment aired in September of 2011. Within minutes she started receiving orders, positive feedback and even dating proposals!

Dragon’s Den Links


Netflix Canada
You can also watch the 4PLAY CREATIVE pitch on Netflix by searching Dragon’s Den, Season 6 – Episode 2.