Bi The Way

Screenplay created by Jen Blaikie

Hetero and homo worlds collide for a bisexual produce manager of a grocery store who is comparing apples to oranges in her search for a fruitful romantic connection.

The path to finding love isn’t always ‘straight’. Bi The Way is a dramedy playfully exploring the 50 shades of gay with unapologetic portrayals of love with labels and love beyond labels, recognizing one group in the LGBTQ community that is often overlooked: bisexuals.

Lead by prop symbolism and quirky dialogue, we watch a newly single bisexual woman work through her process as her life unfolds with her friends, family, work, relationships, becoming an adult, as well as all the laughs, tears, and f-words along the way.


LOLA is a produce manager of a grocery store who is decisionally challenged whether it’s as simple as choosing between apples or oranges or as complex as choosing to date men or date women. She’s sexy… [ties a cherry stem knot with her tongue] Also funny… [slips on banana peel] She can bake… [makes an apple pie] And tries hard to be smart…. [analyzes nutritional content of oranges and socially conscious sources oranges to sustainable orange grove in the tropics].
Kinsey Scale: 3

ADAM is a software developer who works for Macintosh Computers in a small cubicle in an office next to Lola’s work. He has been offered an amazing job opportunity in New York City, home to his favorite baseball team and where his new swanky office window would overlook the big apple. However, he is reluctant to take the job because Lola is the apple of his eye.
Kinsey Scale: 0

GINELLE is an aspiring artist and barista at a cafe next to Lola’s work. She enjoys long romantic walks to the bar and hopes to be walking there hand in hand with Lola. Ginelle often feels like the orange sheep in her family. Never following the herd, she reminds Lola that when life hands you lemons, make orange juice. Life will be all like whaaaaat?
Kinsey Scale: 6

JESS is Lola’s unemployed, hippy-ish sister and roommate. She can spend six hours cleaning her room and never make a dent, but she would give Lola the bra off her back, in fact, she already has. Jess considers herself a ‘lipstick lesbian’ ever since that kiss one time with another woman on day three of a music festival while on E, but in reality she is more like the cherry chapstick version.
Kinsey Scale: 2

CHAD is Lola’s charismatic friend. He is also her co-worker at the grocery store by day and talented modern dancer by night. No one laughs harder at his own jokes than his own self. He drives everyone bananas at times, but once you get to know him, you’ll have a hard time peeling yourself away from him. He is openly gay but admits he would switch sides for Beyoncé.
Kinsey Scale: 4

BECCA is Ginelle’s non-conformist BFF and ex-girlfriend. They made a great ‘pear’ but are better off as friends. She owns a landscaping business called Yardcore and maintains the shopping center grounds that Lola, Adam and Ginelle work at. She used to smoke a lot of weed, but now she just pulls them. She will gladly trim your bush and shake your trees.
Kinsey Scale: 5 Probably a 5, if she was willing to take the damn test.

MARCUS is Adam’s geeky, younger co-worker. He converted his old blueberry Mac into a tropical fish tank. If you want to have a long conversation with him, start talking about Star Wars and it’ll never end. Marcus most likely has a serious case of blue balls as he’s holding out for his ‘Princess Leia’. He also wants to move to another planet one of these days. No, really.
Kinsey Scale: 1

NOTE: The Kinsey Scale is a measuring method to describe the range of heterosexuality to homosexuality in a person’s sexuality based on answering a series of questions.


0 Exclusively heterosexual.
1 Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual.
2 Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual.
3 Equally heterosexual and homosexual.
4 Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual.
5 Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual.
6 Exclusively homosexual.

This screenplay was submitted to:

Spring 2016 Web Series Edition

Summer 2016 Female Director Short Film Edition

Summer 2016

Short Film Production Fund and the Pilot Launch TV Script Contest
Summer 2016

Summer 2016

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